Pharmaceuticals R&D

Formulation study
Lilac pharma has been developing various types of lipid or polymer nanoparticles for medical use, either individually or in partnership with other companies. We are particularly interested in collaborating with foreign companies to combine their unique administration devices with our newly-developing nanoparticle medicines and vaccines, which have been optimized for such administration.

Cost saving
Lilac’s microfluidic device requires only one to several hundred microliters of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) solution per formulation experiment, resulting in significant cost savings for API usage. 

Particles size control
Lilac has an original microfluidic device and various know-hows related to microfluidic channel design, preparation conditions, pre- and post-treatments, among others. These enable us to achieve precise control over the size of nanoparticles, with a controllable range currently from 20 nm to 500 nm (depending on the formulation).

Lilac has successfully completed a scaling-up study for manufacturing lipid nanoparticles in cosmetics. Currently, we are developing a large-scale system for GMP manufacturing of nanoparticle medicines and vaccines, with a productivity rate of 12 liters or more per hour.



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