The new device named “iLiNP-RoA” for manufacturing of nanoparticles has brand-new channel structure whose design is based on the concept of “particle size control by dilution control”, already implemented in the conventional iLiNP microfluidic device. The new iLiNP-RoA device has the following features.

1. Improved particle size control under high flow conditions.
Recent studies have revealed that biological activity of lipid nanoparticle can be changed by a difference in its particle size, and the particle size of above 100 nanometer may be better than that below 100 nanometer. However, the particle size becomes small when using a conventional device and running ingredients at a high flow rate condition. Therefore, the target size may not be achieved when we aim to improve the productivity by increasing the flow rate.
In the new device, the flow channel is designed to easily produce nanoparticles with a diameter of 100 nanometers or more, even under high flow conditions where the diameter would be less than 100 nanometers in the former device.

2. Particle size control by channel width.
Currently, the particle size is controlled by flow ratio of ingredient solution (mixing ratio) and total flow rate (overall flow rate) in the production of nanoparticles.
The new device can control the particle size by changing the channel width in addition to those two factors.
This will further expand the range of particle size control.

Lilac Pharma will use both the conventional iLiNP and the new iLiNP-RoA devices according to the purpose.